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Immersive Art Experiences-
TAPF, Upperco


The Aspiring Phoenix Foundation is an independent learner-driven community invested in providing educational experiences for life-long learners.

For more information about this community and how to be apart of it, visit


Who Can Participate?

  • Day camps are for is for life-long learners ages 6-12 and the Teen Experience is for ages 13-17.  The guides in charge of the experience are there to make sure you are met where you are in your learning journey and help guide your progress no matter your age or skill level.

  • Masks required when indoors (most time will be spent outdoors when weather permits!)


  • July 5-8 Day Camp 10:30-2:30 pm

  • July 11-14 Day Camp 10:30-2:30 pm

  • July 11-14 Teen Camp 4:30-6 pm


  • The Aspiring Phoenix Foundation, Upperco Campus

  • 4505 Black Rock Road

  • Upperco, MD 21155

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Art Fun


  • Day Camp- $150 + $30 material fee

  • Teen Experience $100 total

Contact Info

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